J. Nicole Little, Ph.D., R.C.C. (aka Dr. Cole) has spent the last 20+ years working along the spectrum of mental health and education.  She began her training in RO-DBT in 2014 and has repeatedly said: “standard DBT enhanced my life, RO-DBT transformed it.”

Since her training, she has witnessed the transformative power of RO-DBT with the clients who have suffered for years with conditions of overcontrol.  She was chosen as the first North American Trainer for RO-DBT and receives on-going supervision from the RO-DBT developer, Dr. Thomas Lynch and senior supervisor, Dr. Sophie Rushbrook.  She is a regular RO-DBT blog contributor and you can check her writing out here: http://www.radicallyopen.net/blog/

When she is not counselling, writing or teaching RO-DBT, she is volunteering with her therapy dogs or puttering in the garden.