How might you describe yourself?

    Do you believe it is important do “do things properly” or “right”?Are you a perfectionist?Are you cautious and careful about how you do things?Do you prefer order and structure? Are you organized?Do you like to plan ahead? Do you think before acting?Are you able to delay gratification? Are you able to easily inhibit an impulse?Do you consider yourself conscientious? Are you dutiful?Are you quiet, restrained, or reserved by nature?Is it hard to impress you?Does it take time to get to know you?Are you likely to not reveal your opinion immediately until you get to know someone better?

    (Courtesy Lynch, forthcoming)

    Having any of the above qualities is usually great.  It is helpful to have people in our tribe who can delay gratification by not eating the food we saved for lunch tomorrow or who are perfectionistic and build the bridges we drive our cars on.  But if any of these qualities keep you from forming relationships, keep you resentful or become all consuming, you may have too much of a good thing.