“…hands down, one of the most gifted facilitators that I have had the phenomenal privilege of learning from.  Cole has beyond excellent presentation and organizational skills; and through out it all, has an innate ability to always “take the pulse” of the group; both collectively and individually.  It’s like she has a special radar!!!  And she has the ability to make it all look so easy and effortless!”

L.T, former client

“RO-DBT has allowed me to name, identify and understand “overcontrolled coping” which I have been doing for a long time and wasn’t aware of. One example of this involved continually sacrificing my own needs to help others. Learning and implementing specific skills within this therapy such as self inquiry has allowed me to greatly improve my emotional well-being.”

K.H, current client and RO skills class student

What people say about 1-day trainings…

“Background/theory was in depth. Presenter was excellent (well prepared and
likable). I liked the use of personal and clinical examples.”

“Fantastic facilitator!”

“It was great! Good format, balance of presentation and interaction,
incorporating participants’ practice knowledge. I am now excited to learn
about specific content of skills classes.”

“Cole is extremely knowledgeable and approachable. Created a warm learning

“I had only briefly heard about RO-DBT and was intrigued because it matched
my personality. Now will definitely be more aware of social
connectedness, signalling, self defeating behaviours and eager to learn